The Whole Child Network is a non-profit resource support network connecting parents, caregivers, educational and health professionals plus all other stakeholders interested in supporting the wellbeing of "sensitive" young people.





The mission of the Whole Child Network is:


To educate, empower and support sensitive young people to break through limitations and circumstances to live healthy, vibrant and balanced lives.


Sensitive young people  are children, youths and young adults who often experience a heightened response from their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual environments. They typically encounter conditions which involve: 


               - Allergies and Sensitivities (eg. Food, Environmental, Electromagnetic) 


           - Learning and Behaviour Issues (eg. ADD/ADHD, ASD - Autism Spectrum Disorder)           


We aim to accomplish our mission by: 


            - providing a resource support network connecting parents, caregivers, educators, coaches and health

              professionals plus anyone who interface with sensitive children, youths and young adults offering an

              interactive forum for all stakeholders to share ideas, strategies and best practices.

  - offering education, products, services, and tools which support and create balance for young 

    people at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.       

  - creating a safe, positive, supportive and nurturing environment for sensitive young people to

    connect, learn, and grow and to express themselves with clarity and authenticity.   

We invite parents, caregivers, educational and health professionals plus all other stakeholders interested in making a positive contribution to the wellbeing of sensitive young people to join us to grow this network.


Young adults and teens interested in sharing and role-modelling successes in overcoming personal obstacles and challenges are invited to join the Whole Child Network as "youth ambassadors and mentors".         




Sharing a poem which captures the spirit of conscious parenting from a Whole Child perspective: 


A Promise To Our Children


I promise to be the very best version of me

And guide you along to be the best you can be


I promise to nourish my mind, body and soul

And teach you to love yourself whole


I promise to honour you, treat you with respect

Be kind to myself and others, the example I will set


I promise to listen to you when expert advice conflicts

Co-parent with divine guidance, to sweet surrender submit


I promise the planet to clean up and protect

Fresh air and water you will have, not toxic effects


I promise to build a strong foundation of love

May you blossom my joy, a gift sent from above


- anne marie daniolos april 2011






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