Past Events and Programs:  


LOVE CODE SEMINAR AND CONCERT MAY 17 2008:  One day musical healing celebration with Dr. Len Horowitz and Rosita Stone.



YOUTH COACHING ACADEMY JUN 7, 2008:  One day Essential Youth Coaching Skills course with Harry Singha and Paul Finkelstein



"WHAT'S FUELING YOUR BRAIN?" FREE HEALTH SEMINAR NOV 11, 2008:  Learn about "brain allergies", brain drainers and brain boosters with Angela Shim, CNP


"NATURE'S FIRST AID KIT WITH EVERYDAY OILS" WORKSHOP JUL 23, 2009Psychotherapist and Energy Psychology Teacher, Arlene Anisman, shares everyday practical uses and benefits for the 9 therapeutic grade essential oils and blends available in the Young Living Starter Kit.  



NEW EARTH CHILDREN WORKSHOP JAN 24, 2010Join Michelle LeRoy and Chris Cuciurean for a hands on, interactive workshop offering tools and information to help relate and care for your "New Earth Children" and to help them thrive.


FAMILY FUN & WELLNESS PICNIC JUL 24, 2010Full day family fun & wellness event hosted by the Whole Child Network at Heart Lake Conservation Area in Brampton. Featuring Jumpy Castle & Face Painting offered by Jellybeenz, Live Music Performances & Singalong with Mr. Jim the Music Man, Hands On Science Experiments, Yoga Breathing Exercises, Sprouting Demonstrations, Make Your Own Musical Instruments, Dance and much more.  

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MILLIKEN CHILDREN'S FESTIVAL MARKHAM CIVIC CENTRE SEP 11, 2010:  Visit us at the Whole Child Network booth 


"STRESS MANAGEMENT WITH RELAXATION BREATHING TECHNQIUES" MAR 6, 2011Release stress, anger & brain fog with relaxation breathing techniques presented by Yvonne Connell 



"I LOVE MY CHILDREN BUT WHY WON'T THEY LISTEN TO ME?" MAR 22, 2011Join Sandra Corrado for a FREE talk to discover the parenting style for you and your spouse and the personality style of your children. Learn how to reduce conflict with your children by understanding how your children perceive what you say as well as your rules. 



EASTER COMMUNITY HEALTH FAIR NEW KENNEDY SQUARE MARKHAM APR 22-25, 2011:   Visit us at the Whole Child Network booth.  


WHOLE CHILD NETWORK FAMILY WELLNESS EVENT MAY 15 2011: Experience a day of family wellness education and sharing at the Rexall Health Centre in Richmond Hill. Learn ways to support our sensitive young people with the help of balanced nutrition, natural stress management strategies and by creating a toxin free home and educational environment. Our goal is to help connect those seeking resources with those providing resources.













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