Angela Shim 

Core Vitality Coach


The Whole Child Network is founded by Angela Shim and Kelly Konstantopoulos, two mothers of sensitive youths who share a passion to educate, empower and inspire young people to maximize their potential.


Angela Shim is a Core Vitality Coach, Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Energy Medicine Practitioner who discovered her passion in family wellness education and advocacy through the healing journey of her son, Ryan. 


Angela's personal and spiritual journey taught her how to transform the challenges parenting a spirited child,  born very prematurely with autoimmune challenges ranging from ezcema, asthma to multiple food & environmental sensitivities and requiring adaptations of learning environments, into life affirming gifts.


Through the Whole Child Network, Angela's goal is to connect parents seeking resources and support with health and educational professionals skilled in providing same. Angela envisions the Whole Child Network will evolve over time into both an online community hub as well as an offline community meeting place seamlessly connected to facilitate easy sharing of ideas, strategies and best practices to foster family wellness.

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