Community Outreach Programs 



Here are some of the ways how practitioner members from the Whole Child Network offer outreach support: 

  • Coaching support guiding implementation of Dr. Shauna Young's SPECTRUM BALANCE DIETARY PROTOCOL.  
Certified Nutritional Practitioner Angela Shim offers FREE Nutritional Coaching via email or by phone to guide families with children experiencing sensory overload through the effective implementation of Dr. Shauna Young's dietary protocol. Interested families please contact Angela Shim, Core Vitality Coach at
  • Whole Child Network collaborates with Auum Inc.'s BALANCED HEART MISSION to offer FREE sublingual Omega 3 oil to sensitive young people under 16 years of age challenged by ADD/ADHD or Autism Spectrum. 
Families experiencing financial constraints which prevent them from accessing effective nutritional support for their children will be screened for eligibility. Contact Angela Shim, Core Vitality Coach at for details about this program or visit Auum Omega Balance to learn all about Auuum Omega 3. 

  • NEW EARTH CHILDREN CENTRE MONTHLY SUPPORT GROUP offers monthly gatherings for parents looking to build a Conscious Community that includes alternative education for Children. 
A monthly support group for parents, teachers and caregivers of our highly sensitive, highly intuitive and gifted young people. Meets 3rd Tuesday of each month from 7-9pm in Georgetown, Ontario. For more information about these gatherings, contact Michelle LeRoy, Founder of the New Earth Children Centre at or visit The New Earth Children Centre

  • OUR TEENS - A GENERATION IN CRISIS facilitated by Michelle LeRoy in various communities in Ontario. Involves a viewing of the documentary I AM INDIGO

This is a presentation that looks at why so many teens are struggling at this time. Why so many teens are depressed, stressed, suffer from anxiety, lack of motivation, anger, highly emotional and why the addictions, bullying and suicide rates are rising at enormous rates. This generation is the generation of CHANGE. Contact Michelle LeRoy for details. 

















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