Educational and Wellness Resource Links:


ADHDWISE: Education on ADD/ADHD drug treatments and drug-free alternatives


NOHARM FOUNDATION: Spectrum Balance Dietary Protocol developed by Dr. Shauna Young to help children experiencing sensory overload symptoms from ADD/ADHD to Autism.


JOURNEY FOR KIDS: Liberating kids' shining potential (Journey Affiliate Partner#544904)


SUPERCAMP: Learning and life skills academic summer camp (Affiliate: Angela Shim)


VIBRANT BALANCE: Helping families to create, vibrant, healthy and happy lives through heart-centered living. Core Vitality Coach Angela Shim offers private nutritional and energy wellness consultations and group experiential wellness workshops to help clients maintain their personal balanced scorecard.    


SIMPLE NUTRITIOUS FOOD: Whole food cooking classes, recipes & tips with Holistic Cooking Instructor Ray Shim 


THE NEW EARTH CHILDREN CENTRE:  Support for highly aware and conscious children and their families; youth life coaching & spiritual counselling with Michelle LeRoy


MOMENTS OF JOY: Breathing techniques & aromatherapy training with Yvonne Connell, education workshops & school programs teaching breathing techniques to teenagers, teachers, staff and parents to help support emotional issues, brain fog and fatigue.







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